1. Who is permitted to download material from footage.vienna.info

You are permitted to access and use footage from this site provided that it is used to promote tourism in Vienna, and Vienna as a tourist destination (see Terms and Conditions of Use). In addition, you must work in one of the following fields:

  • TV (on-air) productions for reports on Vienna
  • Online media for reports on Vienna
  • Travel agents and tour operators
  • Accommodation and hospitality providers
  • Tour guides
  • Travel and transport operators (rail, bus, ship, airlines, etc.)
  • VTB tourism partners
  • Congress, meeting, and incentive organizers
  • Organization of major sports and cultural events
  • You can read the Terms and Conditions of Use here

    2. In what ways am I permitted to use the material

    In principle, material can be used worldwide and for an unlimited period of time. However, it may only be used for the approved purpose stated in your enquiry, in sequences and non-exclusively, and it may not be used for commercial purposes. Commercial purposes include:

  • Use to promote products, goods, or services outside the fields of activity defined in point 1
  • Use to promote antidemocratic, political, racist, discriminatory, or sexual content
  • Use in connection with political parties or NGOs, or unlawful use
  • Use of stills or moving images to produce printed images on objects of any kind (including promotional gifts, merchandising products, and souvenirs)
  • It is not permitted to use footage in connection with promoting city travel destinations other than Vienna, or country destinations other than Austria. People shots in which persons fill most of the picture may only be used to promote tourism to and in Austria, and for image advertising on behalf of Vienna and the Republic of Austria. Any use of footage to the detriment of the reputation of Vienna and Austria, or the Austrian tourist industry is expressly prohibited by the Vienna Tourist Board.

    3. How much does it cost to use the material

    Use of the material made available in the database is free of charge, provided that you are entitled to use it (see point 1).

    4. What do I have to do in order to download material

    First, you need to be entitled to use the material (see point 1). If this is the case, you can register by clicking on ?Login? and then ?Register?. After you have registered, you can log in using your e-mail address and password, and begin ordering the material you wish to download.

    5. I can't complete my registration.

    Please check that you have filled in all of the mandatory fields and that your password meets the requirements (at least six characters). If you have already registered using your e-mail address, you cannot register again with the same e-mail address. Please use the ?Forgotten password? function for this purpose. If you are still having problems with the registration process, please contact footage@vienna.info.

    6. I haven't received a confirmation e-mail.

    Your confirmation e-mail should be sent immediately after you complete your registration, although delivery depends on your provider?s technical infrastructure and can sometimes be delayed. Please also check whether the e-mail has been caught in your spam filter. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within an hour, please contact footage@vienna.info.

    7. I have forgotten my password.

    If you forget your password, click here to reset it.

    8. How do I download material

    To download material from the footage database, you must:

  • Be entitled to use the material (see point 1)
  • Register on the database (see point 4)
  • Log in using your e-mail address and password
  • You can place preview videos in your shopping basket by clicking on the basket symbol in the video overview, or on the ?Add to basket? button in the detailed video view. You can add an unlimited number of preview videos to your basket. When you have completed your selection, click on the basket symbol in the upper-right corner of the page. You will see the list of preview videos you have selected, and can place your order by clicking on ?Order now?. You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. On working days you will receive a further e-mail within 24 hours, containing the download links and the Terms and Conditions of Use. Click on the links to download the footage you have ordered. Outside our business hours on working days, it will take longer to process your order and to send your download links.

    9. What resolution are the downloaded videos

    Videos are available in HD or 4K resolution.

    10. Am I allowed to edit the material

    The material may be edited, but the original content and graphics may not be modified. Copies may only be made to the extent required for commercial use of the material.

    11. Do I have to acknowledge the copyright holder

    Where possible for the production in question, a copyright designation must be included in the form commonly used in the industry, i.e. ?© Vienna Tourist Board? or ?© WienTourismus?.

    12. Can I use the material in a social media post

    Yes, footage can be used on social media to promote the main production.

    13. Am I allowed to share downloaded material with third parties

    No, transfer of usage rights to third parties is not permitted (non-transferable and non-sublicensable). The license to use the material expires after use of the material for the agreed purpose.

    14. Period of use and extension of contract

    Unless otherwise agreed in writing, in principle you are permitted to use the material for an indefinite term. The license to use the material expires following its use of the as agreed. If the desired material is no longer available, further use cannot be approved.

    15. Revocation of the license

    The Vienna Tourist Board (VTB) is entitled to revoke the license if you breach the Terms and Conditions of Use. In such cases, you must cease using the material without delay, delete or destroy all copies of the material, and at the VTB?s request provide the VTB with written confirmation that you have fulfilled these requirements.

    16. Other questions and information

    If you have any questions or require further information, please write to us at footage@vienna.info.